Candiolo, 02/12/2021

Mec-Diesel S.p.A. officially announces that the new company “EV-IT S.r.l.” has been
established on November 3rd, 2021.
EV-IT S.r.l., headquartered in Via Sestriere 3, 10060 Candiolo (TO) Italy, will sell
accessories for electric vehicles such as charging cables, wallboxes and portable
wallboxes, and charging stations.
In this historical moment of transition to the electric mobility, EV-IT S.r.l. represents a new
and important Mec-Diesel group project. The aim is to be even more responsive to the
demand of the segment of the market that tries to be greener and more sustainable.
The boost in the development of smart mobility came from 2020, year of the COVID-19
pandemic, when the number of electric and hybrid vehicles registration in Italy has
increased alongside with global sales; another contribution came from the EU-directives
to drastically reduce the CO2 emissions by 2030 and be carbon neutral by 2050.
Considering the present and future climatic condition, the group is carrying out an
innovative strategy to be more proactive towards the market demands.
We would like to welcome in the Mec-Diesel group Vincenzo Arcomano, who will be
leading this company as CEO. We trust Vincenzo will take on this new challenge thanks to
his experience, his know-how and all his passion for e-mobility.